Why Glam Jewellery Will Be Good For You and Your Business.

Instead of displaying all the good things our satisfied customers say about us, appreciated though they are, we prefer to simply tell you why we think you should choose to deal with us.

  • You and your business are our top priority 
  • We have been in business for over 17 years
  • We have owned and operated shops and service orientated businesses and so know what it is like to be both a retailer and wholesaler
  • We are contactable seven days a week. We may not always be able to answer straight away but will ALWAYS return your call as soon as we can
  • Our ranges are constantly growing and changing with the seasons
  • We do not have minimum orders
  • We do not issue pro forma invoices
  • Our account application is a simple one page form with no need for referee’s, drivers licence numbers or shoe sizes
  • We do not exhibit at trade fairs, choosing to stay loyal to our valued customers
  • In the unlikely event you receive a faulty item we will always either refund or replace
  • If we do get it wrong we admit our error and immediately set about making it right
  • There are hundreds of suppliers out there with whom you could deal. We believe that we are in the top handful able to help your business thrive and prosper
  • We have been around long enough to know that in business your reputation is everything and we are proud of ours